Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling

The flooring and tile work in your house sets the stage for the rest of your home. With a simple change of flooring, or the addition of beautiful tile, you can completely transform one room or your entire home. Whether you are looking for the rugged, yet beautiful look of stone, the rustic feel offered by terra cotta, or something that is a little more modern, Unlimited Construction offers a solution for you.

Stone has long been one of the materials of choice for a great looking, long lasting floor. This centuries old material can completely change the look and feel of your floors, counters and other spaces. Available in many different styles to fit your needs, Unlimited Construction is sure to have something that fits perfectly. Choose from styles such as smooth limestone, unique cobblestone, or antique salvaged stone floors.

We offer a large range of high-quality hard wood floors designed to last. Whether you are looking for a more classic, antique look or a more contemporary look, we have the flooring for you. Start by choosing your style, and one of the many finishes available. We have extensive experience choosing and installing wood floors of all different types, allowing us to help guide you through the process. Although installing wood floors can be a uniquely challenging process, the result is a one of a kind, long-lasting floor.

Terra Cotta
Terra Cottage is the quintessential French country floor. Because of the warm, dynamic colors natural to terra cotta, it can add a certain rustic feel to any home. Available in many colors, varying from deep reds to more subtle browns, terra cotta is a versatile and unique surface.

While it is often taken for granted, well-crafted tile work is something to be admired. Whether you are looking for something to blend with your current décor, or need to accentuate an area in your kitchen or bathroom, we offer a variety of tiles to fit your needs. Some of our tiles include cement tiles, handcrafted ceramic tiles, decorative tiles, solid colors and more.

Garden Fountains
In many ancient villages, the village fountain was the main source of water for the entire town. Because of this, a well-crafted fountain represents safety, security and life. Today, we can take advantage of the beautiful ambiance provided by a garden fountain. Available in both pre-made and custom crafted designs, a garden fountain is a great way to turn your garden into a soothing, relaxing space.

If you are thinking about making a change to the flooring and tile work in your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It would be our pleasure to help you choose the tile, flooring or garden accents that are perfect for your home. You can talk with one of our flooring experts to discuss the options that are right for you.

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